A Producer is defined as someone who has a permanent establishment in Ontario and supplies tires on either new vehicles or as loose tires.

Over 12 million brand new tires are sold in the province of Ontario on a yearly basis. As per the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act. 2016, it is an individual Producer’s responsibility to handle their resource recovery and recycling of the tires they sell.

Evolving framework

eTracks services tire producers, manufacturers and importers to meet their legislative obligations under the Ontario Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA)

According to the individual Producer responsibility (IPR) framework, Producers are required to:

  • Meet resource recovery standards for the collection and management of tires
  • Provide a free and convenient tire collection network that provides a minimum number of collection sites across Ontario
  • Educate consumers to increase public awareness and promote public participation in the resource recovery of tires
  • Register with the Resource Productivity and Regulatory Authority (RPRA)
  • Keep records, submit reports to RPRA in a timely and consistent manner to increase transparency, measure performance and ensure compliance.
  • Each producer will have to either make their own arrangements to collect and manage tires to meet their mandatory targets or retain the services of one or more Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) like eTracks to act on their behalf.
  • Failure to meet collection and resource recovery targets will result in compliance consequences

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In order to work with eTracks you must be registered with RPRA. For more details and to register please visit RPRA’s website.

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