Bridgestone Partners with LanzaTech to Pursue End-of-Life Tire Recycling Technologies
Bridgestone Americas, an eTracks customer and global leader in tires and sustainable mobility solutions, announced an exclusive partnership with Carbon Capture and Transformation (CCT) company, LanzaTech NZ, Inc. (LanzaTech) to address end-of-life tire waste. The two companies will co-develop the first dedicated end-of-life tire recycling process leveraging LanzaTech’s proprietary CCT technology, creating a pathway toward tire material circularity and the decarbonization of new tire production. According to the Tire Industry Project operating under the umbrella of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), more than one billion tires globally reach the end of their useful service life each year. Bridgestone and LanzaTech will work to address this issue by converting end-of-life tires into new materials, including exploring processes to create sustainable synthetic rubber that does not rely on petrochemicals. Learn more about Bridgestone’s initiative
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Request for Proposal: Sourcing End-of-Life Tire Recycling Services
eTracks Tire Management Systems will be issuing a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) related to the recycling of end-of-life tires to qualified, north American service providers. The RFP supports eTracks as a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) under Ontario’s Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (“RRCEA”) and the Tires Regulation (Reg 225/18). The RFP covers a four-year period beginning in 2023. The RFP will be available on May 16, 2022 and will contain: RFP process and timelines (eg. bidder question submittals, bidder meeting, deadlines, submittal process) Service Provider (bidder) requirements Supporting documents (regulations, form of contract, pricing templates) Scope of services to be provided (receipt of tires, or pre-processed materials, “processing” of scrap tires, reporting requirements to eTracks, etc.) Details of acceptable recycling methods (eg. crumbing with end-market proof, retreading, reuse, tire derived aggregate, rubber modified asphalt, blasting mats, etc...
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eTracks Launches the Sustainable Recovery Platform (eSRP) January 2022
eTracks Tire Management Systems launched its Sustainable Recovery Platform (eSRP) to over 6,500 Ontario tire collection sites, 100 service providers and over 50 producers. As a not-for-profit organization, eTracks provides Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to the Ontario tire manufacturing industry by managing their end-of-life tire recycling obligations under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA). eSRP’s development was spurred by the need for better data and insights into where, how and what becomes of recyclable materials put into market, and how much of that material is made into new products. eSRP will help to improve the way Producers and PROs are able to manage recyclable materials and regulatory compliance; and drive a more sustainable, circular economy. Read more about this in the Press Release
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eTracks Collection Event
eTracks is hosting a collection event on Saturday, May 25,2024! 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. - 34465 Highway 17 West Deep River, ON