eTracks Hauling Committee

Welcome to the eTracks Hauling Committee Page!

Working together to improve the tire recycling system

Thank-you for your interest in the eTracks hauling committee. Please review the information below and if you’re interested in applying or knowing more about the committee, please contact Marla at [email protected].

What does the committee do?

The purpose of the committee is to provide a place for contracted haulers to engage directly with eTracks, providing input on a variety of issues that affect haulers and eTracks in Ontario’s tire recycling system, and to identify challenges and find workable solutions.

Who is involved?

The hauling committee is comprised of both eTracks operations staff, and 5-6 haulers from around the province; that represent different sizes of hauling operations to ensure a balanced perspective.

Length of term

Committee members for 2024 are asked to serve a volunteer term of one year (and a maximum of two years).

What kind of topics are addressed at committee meetings?

There are many topics that could be discussed, but generally, the committee identifies current issues, and shares potential solutions.

Here are some examples:

  1. Various regions – e.g. issues affecting regions across the province.
  2. Hauling practices – e.g. challenges haulers are facing in the field and how to resolve them.
  3. eTracks processes – e.g. identifying how eTracks could approach and solve an issue related to hauling or haulers in general.
  4. Regulatory problems – e.g. Tire Regulation 225/18 and compliance – how to ensure the system is working as efficiently as possible.

eTracks committee members

The eTracks team (2-4 staff members) organizes and participates in the meetings, shares agenda items with the group, and takes/shares notes from each meeting.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings are held once every three months, with three meetings being held on-line by video/phone conference call. One meeting will be held in person at the annual eTracks Town Hall held in the summer.

Length and scheduling of meetings

Each meeting is scheduled for roughly 90 minutes. The committee can provide input on when meetings should occur, but for example, they might occur on a Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. – 8: 30 p.m. (so as not to interfere with work during the day).  Committee members will receive a meeting schedule in advance, and an agenda will be sent via email prior to each meeting.

How committee members are chosen

Members will be chosen with the following in mind:

  1. Regional representation (based on the 16 zones across the province)
  2. Variable in size of hauler company (haulers represent small companies and large companies)
  3. What tasks the committee is responsible for, and who among our members possess the skills and experience needed to complete those tasks?
  4. As is the case with other forms of volunteer recruitment, matching the needs and requirements of the committee and the skills, knowledge and interests of prospective committee members.

This is a volunteer position

The committee is a volunteer opportunity, and members will not be reimbursed for the time they spend on committee activities. All members will receive a framed certificate at the end of their term, and recognition for their participation will be included at the annual town hall.

What is expected of committee members

  1. Clear accountability between all committee members, both haulers and eTracks, including confidentiality.
  2. The committee addresses improvements at the broader level, or issues that impact many haulers; it is not a committee for improving an individual’s personal hauling business, or for tabling their self-interest or personal complaints.

How to Apply

Apply by email to Marla Raymundo, Supply Chain Manager, at [email protected]. Please send us a paragraph (250 – 500 words) letting us know why you would like to be on the committee. We will get in touch shortly thereafter to discuss next steps. If you are interested, please take a few minutes to reflect on how you could help eTracks improve used tire hauling in Ontario.