Update on the Progress of the New Tire Recycling Regulation in Ontario

By March 14, 2018Update

Transition of tire recycling in Ontario to an open market model is progressing apace, as the government gets closer to finalizing the new Regulation that will define Producer obligations for end-of-life tires, and the Resource Recovery and Authority (RPRA) gets closer to approving a final version of the wind-up plan for Ontario Tire Stewardship.

eTracks is following these developments very closely, and has been listening to concerns many have expressed about potential disruption to the system that the draft OTS wind-up plan and Regulation might cause. While eTracks has no role in the wind-up process, we are conscious of the concerns raised by various stakeholders and are taking the steps necessary to ensure that we can meet the needs and expectations of our customers, whatever circumstances we encounter come January 1, 2019.

We are meeting on an ongoing basis with prospective customers, and responding to an increasing volume of calls from obligated companies that have been following developments. eTracks has also been working on its strategy for procuring collection and recycling services, after discussing new ideas and options with key members of the industry. Further details are outlined elsewhere in the News.