Recycled Product Manufacturers

Businesses that utilize recycled rubber in creating innovative products are called Recycled Product Manufacturers (RPMs).

Did you know that you can use recycled rubber to create playgrounds, car mats and sidewalks? Does your business use raw materials to create innovate recycled rubber products?

Working with eTracks

Businesses that want to become enrolled in the eTracks Tire Management system as an RPM need to meet the following criteria in the province of Ontario:

  • Need to be a manufacturer of recycled rubber using tires from Ontario and have a manufacturing set-up in Ontario
  • Need to comply with provincial laws and meet standards outlined by the regulatory authority

Recycled Product Manufacturers (RPM) will play an integral role in building the green economy in Ontario and will help complete the tire recycling process in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Understanding the Regulation

The objective of the New Tire Regulation (Regulation 225/18) is to further reduce the number of tires lost to disposal, protect the environment, boost up the economy and support our efforts to combat climate change. It will also usher in an era of enhanced responsibility and sustainability.
Please visit the following sites for detailed information on the regulation:
The Used Tires Wind Up Program
Used Tires Regulations 225/18

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