A business which transports tires in Ontario to a site for processing, reuse, retreading or disposal is classified as a Hauler under eTracks Tire Management Systems.

Haulers play a key role to the process of tire recycling since they serve as a critical link between the Collectors and Processors. They ensure that tires are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner by directing used tires to an appropriate recycling facility.

Evolving framework

As outlined in the Tires Regulation, Haulers need to fulfill the following conditions under the new framework:

  • Register with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA), providing specific information as outlined by the regulatory
  • Create and submit an annual report to RPRA that contains information as specified by the authority
  • Maintain records that can be accessed or examined in Ontario for five years from the date of creation
  • Submit audits of the practices and procedures as required by Producers to ensure Producer compliance

Working with eTracks

eTracks oversees recycling, administration and ensure compliance for tire Producers obligated under Ontario End-of-Life tire Regulations (RRCEA). We work with Haulers and Processors to oversee the transportation of end-of-life tires to their facilities.

Once a Hauler is registered with RPRA and enrolled with eTracks, they need to:

  • Pick up used tires from an eTracks enrolled Collector
  • Deliver used tires to eTracks enrolled Processors
  • Provide detailed information to eTracks on final destinations and end-uses of recycled tires – using our mobile and online TreadMarks System
  • Payment to the Hauler will not be directly made from eTracks but they will still need to submit their transactions in order to receive payments from the Processor

Benefits of enrolling as a Hauler under the eTracks Program:

  1. Work with the largest PRO in the province of Ontario
  2. Business name posted on the eTracks website as an enrolled Hauler and under our ‘Locate a Hauler in your area’ search engine
  3. Access to the eTracks online data management system and mobile app which allows the tracking of all tire pick-ups and deliveries.

Next Steps

In order to work with eTracks you must already be registered with RPRA. RPRA’s Registry is now open. For more details and to register please visit RPRA’s website.
Enroll with eTracks todayeTracks Tire Management Systems is the largest PRO, working on behalf of major tire manufacturers, auto-makers and tire distributors in Ontario. We can help you manage and dispose End of Life tires (ELTs) in a responsible manner, starting January 01, 2019. We provide fulfillment services for our customers’ end-of-life (EOL) tire recovery obligations, in compliance with the updated Ontario regulations.

Understanding the Regulation

The objective of the New Tire Regulation (Regulation 225/18) is to further reduce the number of tires lost to disposal, protect the environment, boost up the economy and support our efforts to combat climate change. It will also usher in an era of enhanced responsibility and sustainability.
Please visit the following sites for detailed information on the regulation:
The Used Tires Wind Up Program
Used Tires Regulations 225/18

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