eTracks to Avoid Disrupting Relations Between Processors, Haulers and Collectors

By March 14, 2018Update

eTracks has been considering how best to engage the tire recycling system and fulfill our mutual interest in collecting and recycling tires in accordance with new Regulations governing end-of-life tire management in Ontario.

eTracks will take care to avoid disrupting the current flow of tires, and does not plan to interfere in commercial relationships between entities involved in the recycling supply chain. Our plan is to contract with tire processors to collect and recycle tires to the required standards, and rely on processors, independent haulers and collectors to work out commercial terms that meet their respective needs.

eTracks plans to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to companies that may be interested in supplying tire processing services. eTracks will finalize and issue the RFP once the final Regulations are filed. In the meantime, we would welcome feedback on our plans.

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